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6 Month Braces reach Patients in Swindon

2823674_blogClifton Dental of Bristol is delighted to offer patients in Swindon and beyond the amazing 6 Month Smiles treatment. For all those who thought that they would have to wear a brace for years to get their dream smile, we have great news! As you would expect from the name, this incredible treatment takes just 6 months to move the teeth and create the perfect smile. Six Month Smiles works much faster than traditional fixed braces, which usually take between 12 and 24 months, because it uses state of the art technology to speed up the treatment process and it is specifically designed for patients who have minor or moderate issues that affect the front teeth only. Targeting these teeth ensures that your smile looks great, as these are the teeth that are most visible. As treatment time is so short, this is a very popular option for people who are preparing for a wedding or another landmark celebration. In addition to swift treatment, these braces also offer discretion, as the brackets and nickel-titanium wires are clear. They are also comfortable and easy to maintain and they guarantee amazing results! If you’ve been searching for a swift solution to mild crowding or crooked front teeth, we may just have the answer; call us today to find out more!

Swindon celebrates Fast Braces for Straighter Teeth in months

3014970_blogIf you are suffering from imperfect teeth and want a fast and effective braces solution, we have just the thing for you; 6 Month Braces. 6 Month Braces are used at Clifton Dental of Bristol for patients needing help to straighten the teeth that are on show when you smile. As the braces work on just the front teeth rather than more intricate issues on an entire arch, they are able to straighten the teeth much faster than traditional braces. Although 6 Month Braces are fixed braces, the bracket and wiring are tooth-coloured so they look very discreet when speaking, smiling and chatting. The wiring is made using nickel titanium and a fast treatment time is not due to constant tightening of the wiring, but because only a small number of teeth are being treated. Patients can often gain the results they wanted in just six months, but it very much depends on each patient’s orthodontic situation. 6 Month Braces is a fantastic solution for those wanting to straighten the teeth at the front of the mouth quickly and discreetly. Contact us near Swindon for a 6 Month Braces consultation.

Swindon residents can have Straight Teeth in a Matter of Weeks

3492515_blogIf you thought you had to wear a brace for at least a year to get a lovely straight smile, we have amazing news! With the incredible Inman Aligner, you can enjoy a new smile in just a matter of weeks! The Inman Aligner is a modern and innovative alternative to traditional fixed braces for patients who do not need intensive treatment. The appliance, which is removable, takes just 6-16 weeks to straighten the teeth and is an excellent option for patients who do not need a huge amount of movement. This is ideally suited to those with minor issues that affect the teeth located at the front of the mouth and is especially beneficial for patients who want results fast! The aligner works by using forces generated by a spring at the back of the teeth and a metal bar at the front of the teeth to push and pull the teeth, resulting in better tooth alignment and a beautiful smile. Most cases are complete within 4 months and many patients enjoy the fact that this treatment gives them more flexibility than a fixed brace. With the Inman Aligner you brush your teeth as normal and you can treat yourself to a meal out without worrying about getting any bits of food stuck in your braces.Get in touch with us today at Clifton Dental of Bristol for a consultation to start your journey to straighter teeth.    

Swindon gets Invisible Fillings For a Natural smile

3200188_blogAmazing advances in dental materials mean that you can now have fillings, which are completely invisible when you smile. At Clifton Dental of Bristol our tooth-coloured fillings are invisible to everyone apart from your dentist and they are much more durable than they used to be. Now, white filings are suitable for almost all patients and they should last for around seven years. Fillings are commonly used to fill cavities, which are small holes in the tooth surface caused by decay. They help to strengthen the tooth and prevent bacteria from spreading through the tooth and they are often a means of preventing the need for more intensive treatment further down the line. If decay is left untreated, this can result in more serious and even irreversible damage to the tooth and root canal treatment or a new crown may be required. With tooth coloured fillings, you can enjoy good oral health without affecting the aesthetic of your teeth. We are happy to fit new fillings or replacement fillings for mercury amalgam fillings, which are much more visible than white fillings. The filling procedure is quick and simple and there is nothing for you to worry about; your tooth will be numbed before treatment to ensure you don’t suffer any pain and the cavity will be cleaned thoroughly and any decayed tissue removed before the filling is placed. Composite is placed inside the filling when still in putty form and then set firm using a curing light.  

Hide Imperfections with celebrity loved Porcelain Veneers in Swindon

4641608_blogVeneers are frequently the stars of television makeover shows and it really is no surprise, as they create flawless smiles. Porcelain veneers look like healthy natural teeth and they are very versatile, making them a viable option for most patients who are searching for a treatment to enhance the aesthetic of their smile. Often spotted on celebrities, veneers are a sure-fire way of creating a bright, radiant smile. Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells, which are tooth shaped; they are fixed to the natural teeth to produce an amazing new smile and they are most commonly recommended for patients with chipped, worn and discoloured teeth. Patients have many options when it comes to veneer treatment and they can design their own smile; there are different shades and shapes available and you can have a single veneer, a few veneers or a full set to complete the ultimate transformation! At Clifton Dental of Bristol we often recommend porcelain veneers as part of a smile makeover. Usually, treatment involves two or three sessions, including the consultation. The first session is used to prepare the teeth and the second session is used to fit the veneers. Your dentist will create impressions of your teeth and these will be utilised by technicians to create your bespoke veneers. Once the veneers are in place, your smile look incredible and your confidence will soar.

How Swindon fights Dental Phobia

2986104_blogYour oral health is a very important aspect of your life: keeping your teeth and gums clean and free of disease and decay is something you should be aware of each day and try to get right. Your dentist is also there to back you up if you need repairs when things go wrong. However, if you suffer from some level of dental phobia, this can prevent you getting the treatment you need to maintain your oral health, and if the teeth and gums fall into disrepair and situations become complex, it will make it doubly difficult to go for treatment. Phobias need to be flushed out and overcome and the only way to do this is to seek professional counselling to get to the root of what it is that scares you about going to the dentist, and strange as it seems, your dentist should be one of the people to talk to about this; they understand the nature of dental phobia and how it affects patients. The more you learn about modern dentistry, what is being offered and the more you chip away at your phobia- at your own pace, the more you can get involved with your treatments and make choices about what you would like to be done. This is a serious condition, but if you beat it, you can beat anything and remain healthy. For more advice on fighting your phobias, call Clifton Dental of Bristol; this team of experts can help you make the right choices in Swindon and help you to get over your fears.

Checking-up with your dentist in Swindon

585804_blogDental check-ups are just as important to your oral health and hygiene as brushing and flossing your teeth. You may think you have mastered the art of caring for your teeth, but things can break-out and go wrong pretty quickly in your mouth, which is where your dentist can step in and save the day for you. At a check-up, an x-ray and a probe can assess you for anything going wrong and then it can be fixed straight away. Your dentist can also give you a thorough scale and polish if needed to get into places that your personal cleaning can’t. However, you shouldn’t just see the dentists as a repair shop; also see it as an opportunity to discuss any troubles you may have. Modern dentists cover everything from diet, your general health, cosmetic dentistry, to phobias, oral hygiene, smoking and drinking. Use this time well and you should continue to have healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life. For more information about making use of a dental check-up in Swindon, then get in contact with Clifton Dental of Bristol- they serve your town.

The teeth of Swindon get a makeover with CEREC

592142_blogIt is a great source of comfort to know that if you need to have things fitted or repaired in a jiffy in your mouth, the treatments are there for you. Crowns, veneers and bridges are some of those cosmetic beauties that help to restore the look and ambience in your mouth, and on general, they will only take a few weeks to fit them in, after your teeth have been prepared, moulds taken and the parts made-up. However, CEREC offers all of this in just over the hour, with the moulds being replaced by digital imaging, and this is what this treatment is all about, the brilliant use of modern technology. Once your teeth have been sized up by imaging, the results are programmed into a computer system that will then set about designing your new fitting. Once the dimensions have been set, they are fed into a machine and then manufactured on the spot. If there is an issue with the way they fit, it can be rectified there and then. Want to know more? Get in touch with Clifton Dental in Bristol as they can supply you with all the information you’ll need about getting treated by the CEREC programme in Swindon.

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