The avoidance of Tooth Decay in Chepstow- Advice from Clifton Dental

Throughout your life Chepstow, you will brush your teeth thousands of times and you know what, you only have to turn your back for a couple of days and what do you find, bacteria and plaque still causing havoc- as if taunting you, you’d think they would have given up in the face of you, their enemy, who is constantly smashing away their work with your big old toothbrush. The thing is though, they don’t give up and if the acids from these bad boys are allowed at any time to eat away at the surfaces of your teeth, your teeth will suffer from decay, and you most certainly know about it because you will begin to suffer from excruciating darting pains shooting through your teeth whenever you bite down on them. An x-ray will reveal the extent of your damage: if it’s light, you will need a filling, if it’s bad, you will need a root canal. If however you still manage to turn a blind eye to this, tooth decay can go on to cause a tooth abscess to erupt and gum disease to flourish. In the area, Clifton Dental of Bristol can give you all the details about oral hygiene, the causes of tooth decay and what to do if you suffer from it.