The unknown terrors of Sleep Apnea in Bath

You’d like to think that when you rest your head down after a hard day in Bath and go to sleep, you are going to wake the next morning, jolly and joyful and ready for a brand new day. But if you are finding that when you wake, you are irritated, tired and frankly, can’t be bothered to do a thing throughout the day, then you should start to question what is going on and get to your dentist and quiz them on the subject of sleep apnea. We assume when we sleep that all is okay and that we will wake normally- that’s as long as we are healthy. If however you drink outrageously, or are on heavy medication, indeed suffering from the hangover of a severe operation, this will upset your natural apple-cart and it can lead you to snore at night. Snoring is a result of blocked airwaves and in a way your dentist can supply you with some sort of device to help you out. But we are avoiding the real issue here: when you go to sleep at night, the body goes into automatic- this involves the brain, the heart and the lungs working in unison. But take any little issue that stops all three from working properly and throw it into the equation and then your breathing becomes erratic- this can not only stop the way you breathe at nights but also put strain on your heart and in the end, cause it to fail. Look out for the signs and if you feel something is going wrong, get to your doctor or dentist for advice.