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Is Tooth Grinding causing Snoring issues in Bristol?

3520145_blogSnoring is a problem, which haunts households up and down the country. If you live with a snorer, you’re probably aware of the impact that regular snoring can have, from tiredness during the day, to mood swings and strain on your relationships. Thankfully, there are ways of dealing with snoring and often, it’s important to identify the cause. Common causes of snoring include being overweight or obese, sleeping on your back and allergies, but snoring is also more common after drinking alcohol and it may also be linked to tooth grinding. Tooth grinding is also known as bruxism or tooth clenching and it is often linked to anxiety and stress. As well as contributing to an increased risk of snoring, grinding your teeth can also cause tooth wear and temporomandibular joint disorder, which may result in stiffness and pain around the jaw, headaches and earache. If you grind your teeth and it’s causing you or your partner to suffer sleepless nights, we can help! We provide a range of anti-snoring treatments, including mandibular advancement devices designed by Somnowell, and mouth guards to prevent contact between the top and bottom arches of teeth while you sleep.

Down with Dental Decay in Chepstow

364999_blogDental decay may seem nothing at first and if you start to suffer from a toothache, it may only take a filling to keep the tooth healthy, if you do not address it though, you could be setting yourself up for a huge and expensive fall. Decay starts with plaque; film and acids build up on the surfaces of the tooth and then eat their way in. Once they have broken through, the inside can become infected and then you are looking at a root canal in order to save the tooth: decay is also made easier by teeth grinding. The danger here though is you have set a very dangerous ball rolling; you are in danger of an abscess breaking out as well as gum and periodontal disease setting in and this can affect every part of your mouth and body in the long run. The way of preventing this in the beginning is to have a high quality of oral hygiene on the go, as well as putting in regular visits to see your dentist; both of these should be enough to keep decay at bay. For more on all aspects of dental decay and oral hygiene, Clifton Dental of Bristol can supply you with all the information you’ll need on such topics as these in Chepstow.

Dying a silent death: Sleep Apnea in Bath

Sleeping should be a wonderful time to relax, ease away the woes of the day and also dream of beautiful things. However, it can also lead to illness and even a premature death if your sleep patterns are being interrupted by certain things- things caused by sleep apnea. Your heart, brain and lungs work together to keep you going during sleep mode in order to get blood and oxygen around your system; it only takes a minor altercation in this natural rhythm though and it makes each organ work harder and the heart will be the first to suffer. Air goes in through your mouth and nose and if there is any blockage at all, it can make all of the organs flutter and without you knowing it, your breathing can actually stop for periods of up to thirty seconds at a time, and this is where the stress hits the body. People most likely to suffer from this are heavy drinkers and smokers, people on high doses of medication and obese people, plus anyone who has suffered damage to the nervous system. If you feel you may be suffering from apnea, then get professional advice from Clifton Dental as they serve the Bath region and can advise you how to get around this killer.  

Eliminating Bad Breath for good in Bath

Unless a really good friend has pointed it out to you, bad breath is a condition that can cause you all manner of problems- you may well be unaware of it at first, but it can cripple you in the work place and destroy your social life. There are many factors behind this condition, most of them are oral, and it can often be hard to pin down what is causing it. However, you should first look at what you are doing to yourself: smoking, the food you eat and excessive drinking will not help your cause, and whatever you do with your oral hygiene, you’ll be wasting your time unless you address these issues; poor hygiene is also a major contributing factor to nasty breath, so you should improve it. Your dentist should also be called in here to check the condition of teeth and gums because decay and disease in these areas won’t smell pretty at all. There are other factors though that are even more sinister than the above, and they can come from deep inside your body; things like bronchitis, diabetes and liver problems can cause odours in your mouth, and if this is the case after you have eliminated everything else oral, you’ll need to get a doctor on board. Remember, bad breath indicates something is going wrong and unless you treat it nip it in the bud as soon as you can, your overall health can suffer. If you are having problems, seek professional advice from Clifton Dental; though they are based in Bristol, they serve Bath as well and are ready and waiting for your call on this topic.  

The Embarrassment of Bad Breath in Weston-super-Mare

In a fun and dandy place like Weston-super-Mare, it is the perfect place to let off steam after a hard week’s work and it is great to get out there with your friends and socialise. However, if you suffer from bad breath, this can be a very embarrassing situation to find yourself in, because it will diminish your popularity and value both socially, and at work. It won’t be the easiest of problems to remedy either, because there are so many factors that can be the cause of this annoying condition. You will have to go through your bad breath with a list of possible offenders, and then eliminate them one by one. Your first objective should be to get your dentist on board to check for anything rotting away in your mouth that could cause pungent smells- tooth decay or gum disease. Once done, you must address the way you keep your mouth clean, so you’ll need to improve your oral hygiene by changing brushes and toothpastes, and getting in flosses and mouthwashes for back-up. However, most importantly, you’ll need to have a good long look at your lifestyle: smoking, drinking and a poor diet can play havoc with your mouth, and if you combine these with poor hygiene, there’s no wonder then that your breath will be bad. Clifton Dental of Bristol serves the town: these are the people to ask about anything dental, especially bad breath, and they will be very willing to help and advise you in getting over your problem.  

Cracking the issue of Bad Breath in Bath

Life can be tough and demanding enough in Bath as it is, but it will become even harder for you to make your way if you are having problems with bad breath as well. Once you have become aware that you have a problem, then you need to act fast to get it treated, because if the problem stems from having gum disease, tooth decay or more sinister gastric problems, time is of the essence and to prevent the problem escalating and affecting your general health, you need to get it looked at. Other causes can be many; poor lifestyle choices, diet and oral hygiene can play a major factor in bad breath. But it isn’t the end of the world and it can be remedied if you are willing to make the effort. Your dentist can help by patching up any signs of disease in your mouth, though after that, the rest is down to you. Improve on everything that you have done in the past, from diet to how you clean your mouth daily. Change the products you use and go herbal, because these will put a natural balance back in your mouth whilst freshening it at the same time. Watch for any bad habits you have, smoking and drinking and cut back on them. In fact, get rid of them altogether just give yourself breathing space and get to the root of the problem. Clifton dental in Bristol can tell you all you need to know about getting over bad breath.  

How sleeping can break your heart: Sleep Apnea in Weston-super-mare

Your body is a temple and when it is firing on all cylinders, you will live a healthy and long life. However, if you live quite an unhealthy lifestyle, are obese and snore horrendously in your sleep, it is a sure sign that you are going to have problems with the way that your body operates naturally, especially when you go to sleep at nights. During this time, your heart lungs and brain are meant to work in unison to keep you alive, but if any part of this jigsaw is tampered with in any way, especially with the way you breathe, it can lead to a faltering in the system. Your brain will have problems sending messages to your lungs to take in air, which in turn, will stall the heart and prevent blood and oxygen from being sent back through the body and up into the brain again. This is sleep apnea and it is a killer because all of this stress will cause your heart to stop. Breathing, if hampered, can stop up to 30 seconds at a time and this will eventually lead to your downfall throughout the body. Fatigue through the day is a sign that you have sleeping irregularities at night and you need to get yourself looked at. The Clifton dental studio in Bristol can advise you on what to look for and how to get treated for this potentially fatal condition in Weston-super-mare.  

Making matters worse: Products and Bad Breath in Bath

Any dentist worth their weight in gold will stress the importance of good oral hygiene at home and the use of the best products money can buy, as will the best advice in the business, and for people in Bath, that comes from the Clifton dental studio who are based in Bristol. However, that’s so long as your mouth is running along tickety-boo. If you are suffering from a few conditions though, certain products can just add to the problem. Bad breath is a condition that you seriously have to handle with velvet gloves on and by throwing the best products at it will only exasperate the condition. Alcohol based mouthwashes, toothpastes with bleach in and your enthusiasm to brush the problem away by increasing the amount of times you clean your teeth each day can only add to the condition. What you need to do is enlist the help of your dentist and ease back on the products you use- change to softer products that will be less harsh and won’t inflame some of the causes of bad breath, such as gum disease and tooth decay. Change your regime to herbal remedies, at least until your bad breath has been cured.  

The unhappy tale of Central Apnea in Chepstow

If you have ever gone through an operation that has involved your central nervous system, it is a very delicate process, but the hangover from this is the ways messages from the brain are sent around the body. Any damage to the nervous system can seriously hinder the way the rest of your body operates and receives these messages, which can affect the way you breathe when you sleep. The obstructive nature caused from this damage can prevent the way your brain regulates your breathing and it can cause a shut-down in your breathing for up to 20 seconds or more. In this time, the rest of your body panics as it will try desperately to overcome the problem. Your heart is one of the most affected by this as it needs the oxygen in order to pump blood around your body. What we have here is a system failure and over a period of time, your heart will give up altogether. Treating the problem is complex, so you will need to get a professional angle on the condition. The Clifton dental studio in Bristol is well versed in problems such as this and you are lucky if you live in Chepstow, because they serve your area.  

Battling your Bad Breath in Bath

If you work and play in the busy city of Bath, you’ll know that the way you look is beneficial in you getting on and climbing the ladder. This also concerns your teeth too, as your smile is an important ingredient to your general persona. But all this is a total waste of time if you suffer from bad breath, so when you discover that you have a problem you have to rectify it at once. This however is easier said than done, as the reasons for you suffering from this problem can be very complex. All you can do is make yourself a list of what to do, and then tick them off as you change your ways. The best place you can start is at the dentists in order to gather ideas on how to go about this; it would also be a good idea to get your dentist to check for anything going wrong in your mouth as well; things like tooth decay can cause pungent smells in your mouth. Once you have done this, it’s time to start going through your list: first you must care for your oral hygiene by improving it; change your products and start incorporating herbal remedies into your regime. Cut out any bad habits like drinking and smoking and make sure your mouth is always hydrated by drinking lots of water. Now improve your diet to build up your immune system and start to live a healthy lifestyle. If all goes well, the problem should be gone within a couple of weeks. If you have serious concerns, then give Clifton dental studio a call in Bristol, for they serve the area you live in and can give you the best advice around.  

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