Find out about the many braces options at Bristol dentist

If you are bored or embarrassed by your hair you can always go to the hairdressers or barbers to have it cut. The same if you want to change your wardrobe, you can go shopping. Looking our best is very important in this modern era where image is so important. But what about aspects of our appearance that we are unable to change so easily, like our teeth? Our smile is obviously a very important method of communicating and one that gives away so much about us so being uncomfortable or embarrassed about it can damage self-confidence and self-esteem.

However, there are ways of changing the appearance of your teeth that have been successfully proven to work for many years. Orthodontic teeth straightening using braces is capable of correcting even the most misaligned teeth using a system of wires, brackets and applied pressure. In recent years there has also been an explosion of new orthodontic straighteners that have aimed to improve on the few negative aspects of traditional braces.

Although braces have always been effective at straightening they did suffer from something of a lack of aesthetic quality. This meant that having to wear braces always came with something of a sacrifice in terms of appearance. Braces could also be slightly uncomfortable and caused irritation to the soft tissue in the mouth. They also needed to be regularly tightened which could be painful.

New braces such as the Six Month Smile and Invisalign aimed to address these problems providing patients with more discreet, more comfortable and shorter orthodontic straightening. You kind find out more about all the straightening options available to you at your Bristol dentist during your next check up appointment.

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