Straighter teeth faster with the Inman aligner from a Bristol dentist

The Inman aligner, aptly introduced at the very beginning of the new millennium, signalled the future for corrective orthodontic treatment. A new form of teeth straightening, available from Bristol dentists, that was both discreet and incredibly fast-acting, the Inman aligner immediately eclipsed other more traditional forms of teeth straightening.

Braces have never been the most pleasant of corrective dental treatments, but the Inman aligner seemed to offer a genuine alternative to ugly and uncomfortable fixed metal braces and the slow treatment times of invisible retainers. The Inman is ideal for the treatment of minor alignment issues, achieving stunningly straight results in as little as ten weeks. It has allowed many patients not quite willing to undergo the discomfort of wearing normal braces to have fast, effective and discreet realignment treatment.

The Inman aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to put pressure on teeth needing repositioning and uses a labial bar to reverse that same pressure. This has the combined effect of pushing and pulling teeth simultaneously into alignment. Because only the labial bar is visible across the front of the teeth, the Inman aligner is therefore hardly noticeable while straightening. It also has the added advantage of being completely removable so does not disrupt regular teeth cleaning methods or eating habits.

Like almost all orthodontic treatments, the aligner can be a little uncomfortable for the first few days of treatment but this will soon fade as the teeth become accustomed to the pressure. Similarly, speech will be affected initially but this will again improve over the first week or two of treatment.

The Inman aligner is becoming a very popular way of achieving a beautiful smile and because of the speed of treatment is even becoming a must have cosmetic treatment in the run up to a big social event, especially weddings. Whether you want straighter teeth in order to be a beautiful bride or simply to have confidence in a beautiful smile, the Inman aligner could be just the tool for you. Call 0117 973 1910 for a free consultation with Dr Gerrard

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