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The Advantages of Dental Implants in Bath

Losing teeth through whatever causes, can be extremely tragic and terminal to some of us in Bath; when our teeth go, it’s followed quickly by our beauty, our self esteem and our quality of life- next stop, a home for the elderly. Though dentures have come a long way, for some of us, they signal the end of that youthfulness that we have desperately hung on to. But it really, truly isn’t the case anymore and we have the wonders of modern dentistry to thank for that and it’s all thanks to dental implants. This technology has improved so much, that it’s become the more preferred answer to tooth loss and sets you free in a way that dentures simply, can’t. New laser based surgery delivers the implant with complete accuracy and less damage is done to the gums, which makes the treatment more efficient and more widespread; meaning the cost of having it done has dropped dramatically. Having an implant fitted allows you to have a new tooth fitted- it’s as strong as the original, less prone to disease and once they’ve been fitted into the jaw bone, they are in for ever; even if the tooth breaks down, or is damaged, you simply have another one popped onto the implant. Essentially, you have a brand new mouth full of new teeth that allow you to live life to the full, just as you did when you were carefree and young!

Dental Implants in Weston-super-mare

Getting an implant in Weston-super-mare these days has become as common as having a check-up. Implants were once a very specialist treatment used to replace individual teeth. The gum would be cut with a scalpel and a hole drilled to take the titanium implant. The gum would then be resealed and a lengthy healing process would have to take place before the new tooth could be attached. Of course, the treatment was exclusive and hence, expensive then. But with the invention of the computer and the laser, procedures have become so much more precise with micro surgery and plasma healing treatments, less damage is done to the gums, healing times have come down, and prices for the treatments have dropped dramatically because implant availability has become widespread- once you have paid for an implant, it’s there for life. This has also lead to other uses for implants in dental procedures. The dream of implants is to confine the use of dentures to history and it’s almost there- an implant offers complete restoration to tooth loss, but they also used to give extra strength to the fitting of bridges and crowns. Mini-implants are also used for anchoring dentures, they can be fitted and used in a day; the dentures click onto the implant into place. What with falling prices and payment plans, implants are no longer exclusive to the rich minority, they are available to everyone.

Dental Implants in Weston-super-mare

Having a missing tooth replaced in Weston-super-mare has never been easier thanks to the development in implant technology and with it, gone is the worry of losing teeth. Tooth loss can be terribly damaging psychologically when your teeth go, so does your youthfulness- you can literally age mentally overnight. Physically too- the cheeks can start to look withdrawn and the face will sag. Retaining teeth in the mouth, prevents this; even though the thought of wearing dentures may be terrifying, they do retain the shape of the face and even though you are always conscious you are wearing them, they can be used with mini implants, that can be fitted in a day, to hold them true in the mouth. But if implant technology keeps getting better, dentures may become buried in the past. Once implants have been fitted, they are there for life, as are the teeth that are attached to them. Laser surgery has replaced the scalpel, therefore damage to the gum tissue and nerves has been greatly reduced when the implant is located into the bone, which also aids the healing process and reduces the time of implant treatment. Having implants can restore the beauty to mouth- they are as good as the original and less suceptible to disease and as techniques become easier and more refined, so do the success rates and the prices- having an implant can cost as little as £2000

Weston-Super-Mare dentists offer effective solution to tooth loss with dental implants

Losing a tooth or teeth can be a painful business in itself but you ought to get it or them replaced as soon as possible so that complications don’t ensue. Remaining teeth can begin to shift into gaps left behind by missing teeth and your cheeks can sag inwards, making you look older than you are. There are a number of options for replacing lost teeth but dental implants are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability and effectiveness. A dental implant is essentially a substitute for the root part of the lost tooth. It is a bit like a socket, into which a replacement tooth can be secured. Dental implants need to be placed beneath the gum and local anaesthetic will be required. In order for the titanium implant to ‘osseointegrate’ or fuse with the bone, it must be placed against the jaw bone. The osseointegration means that dental implants represent an incredibly stable housing for your replacement tooth. So stable in fact that a replacement tooth using a dental implant can actually support further replacement teeth using dental bridge work. Therefore dental implants are not just a solution for those who have lost just one tooth. Often dentures are chosen if a number of teeth have been lost. These can come loose while eating and talking and have a tendency to get rather messy. Dental implants are preferable because of their permanence. The realistic replacement teeth can be treated just like your natural teeth and should last a life time providing you maintain good oral hygiene. If you have lost a tooth or some teeth, talk to your Weston-Super-Mare dentist today about what dental implants can do for you and your mouth.

Dental implants in Bristol

If you’ve had the bad luck of losing a tooth recently in Bristol, you may like to replace it. If you’ve had extremely bad luck and lost all your teeth, for whatever reason, the thought of having dentures could mentally age you by twenty years. But if you’ve got a few quid hidden in the mattress at home or can set up a dental payment plan, you maybe seriously wise to consider having implants. Implant prices, traditionally high, are staring to fall as the technology improves- prices can start from as little as £1000 per implant. The basic theory behind an implant hasn’t changed since it was first developed- a titanium fixing, screwed into the bone, to which a new tooth, denture or bridge can be attached to. But implant surgery has become precise and refined, utilising computer technology and modern healing processes, and these combinations are making the choice of implants very attractive. The whole procedure of having an implant can take as little as 4 months to complete, depending on how quickly you heal and with mini implants that are used to anchor bridges and dentures, the treatment can be completed in the same day; once the implant is in and healed, they are considered as strong as the original root and the overall finish is one of Hollywood proportions.

Strong and permanent dental implants from Weston-super-Mare dentist

Weston-super-Mare dentists are now offering the most effective, sturdy and realistic way of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are rapidly becoming the most popular way of filling that unsightly hole in your dental arc caused by a missing tooth. But just what is about dental implants that makes them so special? Unlike other dental restorations such as dental bridges and partial dentures, the dental implant replaces the whole of the tooth from root to crown. This means that it provides a solid and lifelike substitute for a real tooth and is also very strong. This is very good news for patients who have previously experienced the fragility of other restorations. This can include broken dental bridges because food of a certain consistency has proven too tough or hard for the repair. The other major advantage of dental implants is that they are permanent and will not need replacing after about ten years, so once it has been fitted it will last a lifetime. Dental implants come in the form of small metal screws, usually titanium, that are fitted directly into the jaw. They are then given a certain amount of time to settle in and become solid with the other tissue. Once this has happened they cam then be used as a base for the remainder of the treatment that involves a post and then artificial tooth, carefully chosen to match the colour, shape and size of the other teeth. It is also possible for patients who wear dentures to have a series of small implants fitted to act as a secure base. This eliminates the worry of loose dentures and also means patients can eat what they want when they want.

The low down on dental implants and how they work. By a Bristol dentist

A Dental implant is an artificial tooth made from porcelain that is uniquely fixed to the jaw bone, for all intent and purposes it is the next best thing to a real and natural tooth. A Bristol dentist says that they have completely revolutionised the dental industry. Invented through many years of research and tests, the Implant was first researched in the 50s and 60s and since then they have been improved on to the present day. To someone who loses a tooth and can`t get on with dentures, they are a really good alternative as an artificial tooth. The process isn’t a quick fix though and the whole procedure can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. There is a lot of science involved and the method consists of the jaw bone integrating with the new tooth. A plate made of Titanium is the key start to the procedure, it is slide under the gum and screwed to the jaw bone, it is pre-drilled with holes to accept poles later on that will be the anchors for the actual tooth. The plate is left to integrate with the jaw bone by agitating the blood system into producing new bone cells, these grow around the plate to make it part of the jaw. The poles are then screwed in and glued, then the new tooth or teeth is slide on and cemented in, the tooth is now usable after a few days of sensitivity. It needs no special care and can be regarded as a natural tooth.

Prevent dental injury with mouth guard from Chepstow dentist

With nearly half the teeth lost to dental trauma each year happening as the result of sporting injury, it is important that we do all we can to protect our teeth when playing sport. One of the easiest ways to do this is to wear a mouth guard fitted by a Chepstow dentist. Physical sports such as rugby and boxing or any sport involving a fast moving ball can pose a threat to your teeth. Just one ill-timed tackle or unlucky deflection and you could be looking at one or more lost teeth that will be the source of great pain, embarrassment and financial cost. Knocked out teeth, if they cannot be replaced immediately, can require enormous amounts of costly and unpleasant dental work to restore. This could involve replacing the missing teeth with dental implants of dental bridges, both of which while effective are also pretty expensive. Having a mouth guard will add a dimension of protection to your teeth as it spreads the impact across the mouth meaning individual teeth are less likely to be lost. Mouth guards are usually made of rubber which also cushions and absorbs some of the impact. While it is possible to buy mouth guards in sporting good shops, these are often generic and will not fit your teeth well. This limits the amount of protection they are able to offer. A Chepstow will be able to design and manufacture a mouth guard that will fit your specific teeth. Using dental moulds and x-rays, your dentist can make the mouth guard very accurate and comfortable and make any adjustments that are required. This may cost slightly more than a ready-made mouth guard from a sport shop, but the extra protection you will be giving your teeth could just be priceless. For children, it is important to remember that their mouth guard will need to be changed more often to accommodate for their developing teeth and jaw. Ask your dentist for more details.

Lifelong dental implants from Swindon dentist

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are anchored directly into the jawbone, to act as an artificial tooth root and a base for a dental crown, to replace missing teeth. One implant can be used as a base for one or more teeth but as it is the only dental substitution that replaces the whole of the missing tooth and not just the crown, it provides a level of stability missing with other replacements. The implants are placed into the jawbone and given several weeks to fuse with the tissue and bone in a process called osseointergaration. Once the implants are fused solid with the tissue, the dentist will then attach posts which can be used as the base for an artificial tooth. Dental implants are the sturdiest dental substitutions and allow patients to live their lives exactly as they would with a complete set of real teeth. This is not the case with other dental replacements such as dental bridges and partial dentures. These can be more fragile and prohibit the eating of certain foods. It is also possible to have a series of mini-implants, usually five, to act as a solid base for dentures. The dentures are fitted with clips which can snap on and off to the implants. This keeps dentures firmly in place and removes the need for messy denture adhesive gels and strips. Dental implants from Swindon dentists may be more costly than other dental replacements but again unlike bridges and dentures, a dental implant will last for the rest of your life and not need to be replaced. This will almost certainly be cheaper in the long run.

Solid dental implants from Weston-super-Mare dentist replace missing teeth

Dental implants are artificial roots that are placed directly into the jawbone by dentists to act as solid anchors for artificial teeth. Unlike partial dentures or dental bridges, which only replace the tooth from the gum up, a dental implant is a complete replacement for the whole of the tooth and as such acts and feels a lot more like a real tooth. Anyone who has lost a tooth to decay or dental injury knows the amount of pain and anxiety it can cause. Dental replacements like partial dentures and bridges restore the cosmetic appearance of the tooth but never really feel like real teeth. Patients are always conscious that they have an artificial replacement and have to adapt their lifestyle accordingly. This means staying away from foods likely to cause damage to these structures. A dental implant provides a much more rigid alternative that does not involve any degree of sacrifice on the patient’s behalf. The implant itself is a small titanium screw that is drilled into the bone through the gum. This is then left to fuse with the tissue and become more stable. When satisfied that the screw has been assimilated into the bone tissue thoroughly, the dentist can then attach the artificial tooth, designed to closely resemble the colour and appearance of the other teeth. Implants can be used to secure one or more teeth, or a series of mini implants can be used as a base for a complete denture. A dental implant from a Weston-super-Mare dentist can last a whole lifetime, if properly cared for. Many patients even forget that they are there such is the level of realism provided by the implant. If you have a missing tooth or are considering replacing a previous restoration ask a dentist about dental implants.

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