The incredible world of cosmetic dentistry available at Bristol dentists

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any kind of dentistry that is not required for health reasons but solely to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. It is the fastest growing branch of dentistry as more and more emphasis is placed on the importance of having a great smile and healthy looking teeth. Until about thirty of forty years ago, the concept of cosmetic dentistry barely existed as dentistry was only for functional purposes, but pioneering techniques by dentists in the US, the natural home of cosmetic dentistry, expanded the possibilities of dental treatment.

Now, if you walk into any dentist surgery in the UK you will be able to receive a whole array of amazing and complex cosmetic dentistry treatments. There is not a set of teeth in the whole world that cannot be improved by a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures and the possibilities are almost endless.

Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures available at Bristol dentists are teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. At virtually opposite ends of the price scale, these two treatments are popular because of the amazing results that are achievable. Both can radically improve the condition and appearance of the teeth, making the smile healthier and the patient look younger. Other treatments include gum contouring to even the size and shape of the teeth and dental bonding, which can be used in a number of ways.

Another area of cosmetic dentistry that has expanded rapidly in recent years is the orthodontic straightener. These are different from braces in the sense that they are removable and much faster acting. They tend to concentrate more on the appearance of the front teeth that are visible when you smile. Some orthodontic straighteners such as the Inman aligner work in as little as six weeks, although the average treatment time is shorter.

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