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Bath keeps on top of their Oral Hygiene

361951_blogLooking after the health of your teeth is essential to ward off common problems including cavities, dental decay and gum disease. At Clifton Dental of Bristol, we make sure all our patients know the right way to brush and floss teeth as well as give advice in regards to the right dental equipment to use. To stop dental problems occurring in Bath, it is necessary to brush teeth in the morning and in the evening before it is time for bed. If teeth are not thoroughly cleaned every day tarter can start to build up and bacteria can develop. One of the first signs of lack of oral hygiene is bleeding gums. Many patients have come to us complaining that they see blood when they brush their teeth. This is one of the first signs of gum disease and is caused by lack of cleaning. If gums are left like this, over time it can cause more serious issues including tooth loss and infections in the pulp of the tooth. Keeping on top of oral hygiene means that less money and time will need to be spent in the future on tooth restoration treatment, it is hard to put a price on a nice, healthy smile! Contact the team in Bath for more help and information.

Chepstow celebrates Flossing and Brushing twice a day

357249_blogWhen it comes to oral hygiene, it’s really easy to brush and floss your way to good oral health. The most common dental diseases, tooth decay and gum disease, are completely preventable and devoting five minutes a day to your mouth will make a massive difference. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time and flossing on a regular basis, to keep your mouth clean and free from harmful bacteria and plaque. When you brush, you remove bacteria and food debris from your teeth and tongue and this helps to prevent the formation of plaque. Plaque is a colourless film, which sticks and clings to the gum line and teeth and causes irritation to the gums and damage to the tooth enamel. Brushing removes plaque and drastically reduces the risk of gum disease, decay, bad breath, oral infections and staining. Flossing is also really important because it can be difficult to cover all areas of your mouth when you brush and flossing tackles the areas that are commonly missed, such as the gum line and the gaps between the teeth. Using fluoride toothpaste is also beneficial because fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel. At Clifton Dental of Bristol we also recommend regular dental checks and dental hygiene sessions, which provide a very deep clean and will leave the teeth feeling smooth and looking sparkly and bright. If you have any questions about oral hygiene, we will be happy to help.  

Maximising your Oral Hygiene in Bath

357249_blogSometimes it can be very easy to take your eye off the ball when it comes to looking after your teeth and gums- you know, a wayward weekend here or there, but if you get too lapse, things can go wrong very quickly. However, if you ensure that you keep a high level of oral hygiene going and utilise the services of your dentist regularly, little trip-ups like this should never pose a problem. Your dentist is there to do the type of cleaning that you can’t and can really get right inside your mouth to tackle any problems that you may have missed. Essentially though, it is the work that you do at home that really counts each day. Diet is important and being conservative with your frivolities will help, but after this, you will need the tools and products to maintain a healthy mouth. First on your list should be getting a good toothbrush followed by a suitable toothpaste for your mouth; once these are in the bag, you can back them up with extras such as dental floss and a mouthwash. Combine all of these things and you should retain great oral hygiene throughout your life. For more detailed information, give Clifton dental a cal in Bristol- they operate in Bath and give advice freely.

Flashy Flossing and bright Brushing in Bristol

Flossing is one of those beautiful extras of oral hygiene that has grown in importance over the years and help to remove food and bacteria from between your teeth and around the gums. Get this right from the start and it help you to fend of nasty things like tooth decay and gum disease. Floss isn’t expensive to buy so shop around and purchase lots of it until you settle on the one that suits the condition of your teeth; then of course, you will have to learn how to use it properly. It may take a lot of practise at first, in front of the mirror may be best for this, but crack it and you will be keeping your teeth free of infection and bacteria. If you are having problems with your technique, ask your dentist or better still, call Clifton Dental in Bristol; this bunch are experts in their field and will only be to willing to listen to issues such as this and indeed, any other issues you may be having with your oral hygiene.  

The importance of brushing each day in Swindon

If you have got to a certain age of your life, and been through the trials and tribulations of many dental treatments, it should have dawned on you by now the importance of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Just doing this simple operation after every meal will keep bacteria from building up on the surfaces of your teeth and prevent tooth decay from breaking out. However, you need to ensure that you continue to do this right and get the right brush to do the job. It is easy to get complacent about brushing your teeth, but as your teeth change with time, so then should the way you brush them. Finding a good brush is also vital: electric brushes are starting to supersede hand held ones because they are more efficient and get the job done; however, they do suffer from wear and tear, so the heads need to be changed regularly to maintain their effectiveness. For more information on brushing and toothbrushes, give a call to Clifton Dental in Bristol; they are experts in every field of dentistry, are hot on advice and they also serve the Swindon area  

Going beyond your daily Brush in Bristol

Every one of you should know the values of brushing your teeth well: this basic, yet valuable procedure each day ensures that you remove sticky bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth and hopefully prevent plaque from getting a hold in your mouth. However, for all the good brushing does, it is often required that you to go the extra mile in order to give your teeth and gums a thorough clean. Your brush is simply too big to get right in between your teeth and up around the gums, so you have to go out and accessorise more. Inter-dental brushes are tiny and can right into the areas where food gets stuck; dental floss is also excellent for this. Flossing after meals can help get up around the gums and remove any left over bits that may be lodged in there. To add to your set of goodies, having a good mouthwash can also help swish away any bacteria and leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. If you back this entire process up with regular visits to your dentist, your teeth and gums should remain healthy throughout your life. For this and other issues on oral hygiene you may have, get along and see Clifton Dental in Bristol; they can offer you expert advice on this subject and are only to willing to talk to you.  

Super Scaling and prim Polishing in Bath

Many people may like to think that they have got oral hygiene down to a fine art and even consider that they can avoid going to see the dentist from time to time; if you are one of these people, then you are being wildly stupid. You may consider that just because you have bought the best gear, looking after your teeth is a foregone conclusion. But avoiding the dentist can be very dangerous to your oral health, as it only takes 24 hours before bacteria in the mouth will start to mess with the surfaces of your teeth. If this goes on, the bacteria will also start to get below the gum-line and cause infection and disease, and it’s a place that even the best gadgets can’t get to. When you go to see your dentist an x-ray or a probe will highlight any problems going on below the gums and if so, your dentist can give you a scale to remove anything down there; in affect, this is a deep clean and it will keep your teeth free from bacteria. This treatment is also backed up with a polish; if the teeth are highly smooth, it makes it very hard for sticky film to cling to, as well as leaving your teeth feeling and looking fresh. In fact, your dentist can do this for you anyway whenever you visit. For more on this cute little treatment and other issues concerning cleaning your teeth, give Clifton Dental a call; they are based in Bristol but they serve the bath area as well.  

Busting the Plaque through Brushing in Bristol

There is always going to be an ever present evil waiting to strike in your mouth- plaque, and it is something you are going to have to be on your guard against all of your life in Bristol. It starts with a build-up of sticky films on the surfaces of your teeth that then get nasty by developing into hard tartar; from this, there is a danger of tooth decay and gum disease breaking out. But you can stop this from the start by ensuring you brush correctly and doing this right involves you getting the right toothbrush and then perfecting the way you use it- and there are many to choose from in order to do this. Hand held brushes are fine if you can work them right, but they are rather making way for electric ones these days. There is a lot of design and technology behind electric toothbrushes, all of which is meant of make it easy to attack the threat of plaque building up in your mouth. There are some incredible variations on the theme; some go round, others go up and down- some pulse specifically to break down tartar. All of these work brilliantly and will help to thwart any threat to the surfaces of your teeth. Choosing can be confusing though, so to give yourself an advantage, go along to see the people at Clifton Dental; they can give you pointers when it comes to choosing a good toothbrush.  

Keeping your Health through good Oral Hygiene in Bath

When you have a healthy lifestyle, it will impact throughout every part of your body, including your mouth; similarly if you keep your mouth healthy, this will also reflect back into your body. Your mouth is like the front gates to the rest of you; it takes in food and drinks to help nourish you and takes in the air to feed your heart and your blood; so it is crucial that you keep it healthy at all times. Between you and your dentist, you should be able to ensure that your mouth is free from decay and disease, which are ever-ready to pounce should you trip up. Each day, you will need to brush the surfaces of your teeth at least twice a day with good toothpaste, floss between them and then rinse with a decent mouthwash to avoid any chance of plaque building up around your teeth. Then twice a year, your dentist can inspect you to search for any problems: if you get the all clear, it means, you are looking after yourself well and doing the right things. It’s when things go wrong in your mouth though, when you need to worry and you must ensure you overcome the problems quickly, otherwise, it will start to affect the health of your body too- the perfect example of this is gum disease. This can infect your heart and in the long term, cause it to fail; it can also attack other vital organs in your body and if you get to this stage, it is very difficult to recover from. Clifton Dental of Bristol serves the Bath area; they can supply you with detailed information on the relationship between your health and your oral hygiene, so if only for peace of mind, give them a call today if you have any doubts about what you are doing.  

Flossing with perfection in Chepstow

It seems odd to think that a small spool of floss can help you keep your teeth in your mouth and help to protect the health of your body throughout, but by simply flossing your teeth after a meal, you can prevent many future problems from occurring. Brushing is simply just not enough and also, too big and clumsy to get between the teeth and around the gums. Everyone’s teeth are different, which is why floss comes in various thicknesses, but once you have settled on one that suits you, then it is time to learn how to use it. It is a little tricky at first, so you’ll need to practise until you have got it right. Once you have eaten, get hold of your floss and then stand in front of the mirror; wind the floss between your hands and then gently work it between your teeth. You will soon see how to remove any residue of food left behind, but keep doing this until you can do it without the mirror. This importance of getting this right is imperative for your oral hygiene: food will cause bacteria and acids to start attacking the surfaces of your teeth and soon, plaque will set in; from this, decay will start and ruin your teeth, whilst you run the gauntlet of gum disease breaking out- which can infect the organs of your body. If you want to know more about flossing and others things concerning your dental hygiene, pick up the phone and talk to Clifton Dental in Bristol, for they serve the Chepstow area.  

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