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Clifton Dental has advice on Cosmetic Bonding in Bristol

One of the problems that patients have about their cosmetic treatments is that they have no real knowledge of what procedures involve and lay all of their trust at the feet of the dentist and hope they come out looking pretty. But it needn’t be that way because Clifton dental of Bristol can walk you through any cosmetic treatments you are considering having. Cosmetic bonding is such a treatment- why have that and not a veneer, which is why you need to know about bonding before you can make an informed choice- like any treatment. There are two things you should know about this procedure- firstly it’s cheap compared to veneers and then it is fast- you can be in and out with beautiful teeth in an hour. A dentist will sit you down and give your teeth a quick clean before looking at the work you need doing. You may just need a chip or crack repaired, or more serious work such as gaps filled, or discolouration removed. In any case, your teeth will then be coated with a first layer of tooth coloured resin and then ‘cured’ with a heat source. This is repeated over and over until the dentist has enough material to work with and then the resin is shaped into the desired look and then highly polished- and that is pretty much that- done. The only pitfalls to bonding is that being resin based, it is susceptible to staining and not very durable, but unlike veneers, if things go wrong, you just pop back for a touch-up.  

Charming CEREC in Chepstow: All you need to know from Clifton Dental

Sometimes, the most annoying thing about cosmetic dentistry is the time it can take to get your new fitting made and placed in your mouth and if it isn’t right, it will need to be sent off again to be adjusted. Now if you are a speedy, faced-paced person about Chepstow, time is of the essence and hold ups can serious interfere with your diary. But, for you people, you have a lot to thank modern dentistry for, because treatment by CEREC was just waiting in the wings until the technology came along to allow it to happen. Let’s take the scenario of say, a crown or a veneer is needed or has fallen out- this would normally take at least two weeks, but with CEREC, it’ll take you an hour! When you go into the dentists, you’ll have a number of images and digital x-rays taken that are then fed into a computer that then designs what you need and then feeds everything into a fully automated milling machine that will then make your fitting whilst you are being prepared by the dentist. After that, you fitted with out and if there are any problems, they can be rectified in-house. If you have any questions about CEREC, you should contact Clifton dental for details.  

Find out about CERC and how to arrange a consultation in Swindon

CEREC is a modern dental technique that offers an alternative to laboratory made veneers and crowns. Dentists are able produce an instant ceramic dental restoration using photography and computerised technology. Teeth can be completely restored in just one sitting with natural looking, discreet crowns, veneers and fillings. When you attend your appointment at your local, certified CEREC clinic in Swindon, your dentist will use 3D photography and CAM/CAD technology to create a design template for your new restoration. CEREC can be used to treat crooked teeth, gaps, discolouration and can be used in place of metal fillings. Once your dentist is happy with the design for your false teeth, the data is sent to an on-site milling machine which will produce the tooth from a high-quality ceramic block in 6 to 30 minutes. Once your ceramic has been fabricated, your dentist may treat it to a clean, polish or stain in order for it to blend in with your natural teeth, then it will be cemented on top of your teeth. CEREC treatment boasts many benefits, including that the entire process is completed in one appointment, only one injection of local anaesthetic is needed, temporary dentures or restorations do not need to be worn and your dentist is in full control over the end result. CEREC treatment costs from £380 -£700 per tooth that is being replaced, depending on the product required. This is very similar to the prices charged for standard veneers and crowns but with faster and more natural-looking results, you truly are getting more for your money.

The Swindon Dentist and the art of Cosmetics

Some people can get a little carried away with their status and get way above their station- as it is with some headstrong dentists around Swindon who consider what they do to teeth an art-form. Well before widening the door to get their massive heads through, they may well have every reason to be headstrong, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, because the dentist truly does become an artist. They can take a truly unsightly mouth and turn it into thing of beauty. If your teeth are generally in good shape, yet a tad off color, a laser bleaching treatment will have you back on track within an hour. If however the teeth are showing real signs of wear and tear, veneers or cosmetic bonding may be the order of the day to mask all of the horrors. Great artistic dentists can also plug up holes with a bridge or dental implant based crown. The level with which cosmetic dentistry has reached is frankly, phenomenal and there is nothing that the modern dentist can’t do if you have the desire, the inclination and the cash to retain your smile. Just by sitting down with your dentist, the two of you can come up with a game plan to set your teeth free amongst the jet-set.

Supersonic CEREC comes to Chepstow

Are you one of these people in Chepstow that are ‘so’ on the move all of the time that you barely have time for yourself? And if so, do you always need to look your best at all times? Well part of the jigsaw of looking good is the way you talk and smile and after all, it is one of the first things that people identify you with when you first open your mouth. Time is of the essence for some people so if you are one of these modern day dandies, you may well like to learn that you can walk into some dentists and have a complete makeover or rebuild within in the hour. CEREC was always going to come along at some point, it just required the technology of modern computers and digital imagery to make the concept work. Here’s the rub- say you have the ultimate meeting at 2pm and your teeth are not at their best and maybe require some veneers. Well, sit yourself down in the chair and let the dentist take pictures of the teeth that need fixing, and then while you are being prepared, the information is fed into a milling machine that will produce your fitting before your very eyes! Then you will be fitted straight away with your new look and off you go to your meeting. CEREC can create not only veneers, but crowns and bridges too within the hour. Dentistry truly has upped its game and gone all futuristic on us- thank goodness.

Visit to the Dental Spa in Weston-Super-Mare to Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams

Are you looking for a way to treat yourself to a day of relaxation while improving your health and quality of life? Look no further than your local dental spa in Weston-Super-Mare for fantastic treatments that will help you look and feel your best. A dental spa offers the best of the world of dentistry and luxurious treatments designed to relax and pamper your body. The top of the line cosmetic dentistry treatments are offered alongside more traditional dentistry procedures, as well as holistic spa experiences such as beauty treatments, skincare, and massage therapy. One of the main reasons people put off dental visits for check ups and clean ups is because patients suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobias. Dental spas are an ideal solution for patients who are afraid of visits to the dentist because a day at the dental spa is anything but stressful and frightening. Visiting a dental spa will be a relaxing treat that you will learn to look forward to. Patients who visit dental spas report feeling healthier, rejuvenated, and more confident about the appearance of their body, especially their sparkling white smile. Consult your local dental spa today for available treatment and package options. There are so many great treatments and procedures to take advantage of. Look great and feel great about your body and your teeth.

Dentist in Weston-supper-mare Addresses Eager Patients Dreaming of a Smile Makeover

A picture perfect smile is no longer a luxury reserved only for celebrities. You, too, can have the sparkling white smile of your dreams with a smile makeover from your dentist in Weston-supper-mare. The many advanced technologies of cosmetic dentistry give you so many options that can help you correct any flaws with your teeth. You might want to start with the simplest step of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a quick and easy procedure that delivers drastic results with just one session. You could have a whiter smile in under thirty minutes! There are products to attempt bleaching at home, but these products are dangerous for your oral health. Teeth whitening should always be done by a professional to preserve your teeth enamel. If you suffer from more serious cosmetic flaws such as chipped, crooked, broken, or missing teeth, you may want to consider veneers, bridgework, dentures, or dental implants. These options restore your teeth to a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing state, giving you a symmetrical, straight smile. For crooked teeth, braces are another great option to consider. There are very popular and successful options such as invisalign, damon or the six month smile braces that are better looking, more comfortable, and deliver faster results than traditional metal braces. Come in for a consultation and we can tailor a plan to give you the smile makeover you have been dreaming of.

Supersonic CEREC in Bristol

People in Bristol have a lot of options on how to go about getting their teeth fixed and up to scratch just so they can remain pretty dandy. Things like having a veneer, a crown or a bridge fitted however would on average take a good couple of weeks to achieve because the fittings had to be sent off for. But now that is a thing of history as some genius has come up CEREC. It was always on the cards as technology started to get excited with itself in dental circles, but if you find somewhere that offers this treatment, you can have these treatment done within a couple of hours! Once you go in and have a digital x-ray taken, it is piped into a computer and then into a machine that will make the fitting as you are being prepared. Then you are fitted out with your new teeth. The advantage of this is that the new fitting can be also be rectified there and then if it is ill-fitting, and customized on site to suit your mouth. This has been a dream for people in a hurry and considering it is as cheap as the older ways, it has immense advantages over the way such treatments used to be done.

Dentists in Swindon use false teeth for a variety of different purposes

For most people, hearing the words ‘false teeth’ will only make them think of dentures. In fact, false teeth have many, varied uses other than just in sets of dentures. They also have a very interesting history as human beings have long recognised that a full set of teeth, even if some of them are false, is a much better way to live. Early human beings used to use animal teeth or bones or even small bits of wood or rock in order to replace teeth that had been lost. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that false teeth were able to be produced on something like a mass scale and then their uses began to multiply. Dentists began to mount them on platforms in early versions of what we would now know as dentures. False teeth are also still used by dentists on individual bases too. They are a vital part of dental implants because it is a false tooth that has to be secured into the implant that has been placed beneath the gum and against the jaw bone. Dental bridges utilise false teeth too but instead of implanting a socket beneath the gum, dental bridges are when a false tooth is attached to the surrounding teeth. Modern false teeth are extremely adaptable and dentists can adapt them to resemble the surrounding teeth so that the patient has all the aesthetic advantages of such a practice. They are also light weight, which is an important factor in their use in dental bridges and dentures too; no-one wants a set of dentures that is too heavy. Your Swindon dentist will be able to tell you all about the different uses of false teeth.

Weston-Super-Mare dentists offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the look of your smile

If we all admitted it there are things about our appearance that we would like to change. Whether we like it or not, appearances do matter. What’s inside is the most important thing but if there are things you can do to change the way you look for the better then it is worth doing them so that your confidence can have the consequent boost. If you are addressing a business meeting of colleagues or mingling with guests at a party then probably the first thing that people will notice about you is your smile. Cosmetic dentistry procedures available from your Weston-Super-Mare dentist can ensure that your smile looks as good as it possibly can be. From teeth whitening to braces, there are many affordable and convenient procedures available at your local surgery which will leave your teeth looking perfect. New digital technology means that sometimes you can have a procedure carried out in just one short visit to the surgery and get on with your life having had an immediate boost to your self esteem. If you have a consultation with your dentist then you might determine that you want to have a package of different treatments to resolve issues with your teeth. This is sometimes called a smile makeover and can rectify diverse problems such as discoloured or stained teeth, crooked teeth or teeth that have been chipped or cracked during an accident. Just like in many other transactions, plenty of dentists now give their patients the chance to spread their payments over a period of time that is mutually agreed upon so that you are not left in debt.

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