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Lovable Lumineers in Swindon

4546258_blogIf your teeth are starting to look a little tired from the ravishes that the years have done to them, It may be time to think about having a little TLC applied to them and make them sparkle once more. One of the most efficient methods on the market today to cover over discolouration, gaps and cracks and general wear and tear, is to have Lumineers fitted to the surfaces of your teeth, it is so easy to have done too- just ask the Clifton Dental Studio of Bristol who serve the Swindon area. All you have to do is pop along to see your dentist who will then take a cast of your teeth; from this the Lumineers can be made and once they are done, it is just a matter of returning to your dentist and after a quick clean-up, the fittings will be cemented over the original enamel of your teeth and then ‘sealed’ with a heat source. Though not as durable as traditional veneers, Lumineers are great for a quick fix, especially if you go for the CEREC angle that can have you done in an hour. Seeing as no damage is done to your teeth, the process can be reversed whenever you fancy it or just exchanged easily if something goes wrong.  

Looking good with Porcelain Veneers in Chepstow

If you fancy staving off the threat of ageing in your teeth, then you can’t go wrong by opting to have porcelain veneers cover up your problems. This treatment has been around for decades, helping people to hide away gaps, cracks, receding gums and the loss in the length of their teeth due to general wear and tear. Getting veneers couldn’t be simpler: book in with your dentist first and then all you have to do is sit back and relax while you are worked on. The enamel has to be removed first and for some people, a local anaesthetic may be required to avoid discomfort and then, a cast will be taken of your teeth. In this session, your dentist will kit you out with dummy veneers for the next couple of weeks until the real thing has been made and sent back to the surgery. Then, it’s a case of removing the ‘dummies’ and cementing in the real ones. The thing that is so amazing about having porcelain veneers fitted is that you are never going to be ready for the moment when you first see your new teeth- it is truly astounding. The porcelain looks so natural in your mouth and yet, all those horrible ageing elements have been eliminated from your smile at the same time- utterly irresistible. For more advice about having veneers fitted, then contact the Clifton dental studio in Bristol- they will tell you everything you need to know in Chepstow.  

How Dental Veneers rid you of shame in Weston-super-mare

As you start to get older, things will obviously begin to change in your body; you may start to droop in places, other bits may sag and head south for the winter, so you have to work harder to stop all of this from happening. The same can be said for your teeth and for all the time and effort that you put into looking after them, they too may well succumb to the signs of ageing. The most noticeable problems are the receding of the gums, discolouration, loss of length in your teeth due to wear and the outbreak of gaps between your teeth. Fortunately, the world of cosmetic dentistry has got its act together, and can save you from these tell-tale signs that give away your age. With all of these problems, they can be covered up and hidden away with dental veneers. The most popular are made from porcelain, beautifully natural and after a little preparation which involves the removal of the old enamel they are cemented into place, making you pretty again and ready to give you a good 15 years of support. A variation on this is the Lumineer; very thin but they are cemented straight onto the enamel of the teeth. The other noticeable technique and also very popular are composite resin veneers, more commonly know as cosmetic bonding; very cheap, very quick and extremely versatile. With all of these treatments, the results are very rewarding and rejuvenating and just the tonic you need to turn back time. For more information on these treatments, contact the Clifton dental studio in Bristol, because they can advise you on everything you need to know in Weston-super-mare.  

Luscious Lumineers in Bristol

It’s a good time for cosmetic dentistry and it seems to be on a very good role right now. New things are being developed out of old things and by doing so, the improvement in dental treatments gets better each day. Take for example the veneer: a great way of covering up the ageing process by cementing a slither of porcelain over a tooth that has had the enamel removed in the preparation process and immediately, you have a remarkable new look. This has also evolved as well and one such derivative of the veneer is the lumineer. This is even thinner than your average veneer because it doesn’t involve shaving off the enamel from the teeth first; the lumineer is simply cemented straight onto the surface of the teeth with little preparation beforehand and this makes it very attractive for the person on the move whose smile is an important ingredient in their work. It can be made and fitted quickly, in an hour if you can find a dentist equipped with CEREC, and because there is no damage done to the teeth in the preparation stage, the procedure can be reversed, giving this treatment a modern disposable feel to it. If this has caught your imagination in Bristol, then contact Clifton Dental for more information.  

The radiance of Porcelain Veneers in Swindon

You’d love to have your teeth radiating beauty at all times and have a smile to make people jealous around you in Swindon. But sadly, as the years drift by, the spark will slowly disappear and your teeth may well become riddled with flaws: cracks and discoloration, receding gums and worn teeth are just a few of the ways that your teeth start to suffer. But before you consider throwing in the towel and accepting that old age, give Clifton Dental of Bristol a call and ask them about porcelain veneers, because this is exactly what you are looking for to stop the mental rot setting in. In as little as a couple of weeks, you can have your smile transformed and restored in a way that will leave you breathless: if you find a dentist that offers CEREC, this can all be done with in just over the hour! The enamel is first removed from the surface of the tooth and in order to make your veneers, you must have a mould taken and sent off to a lab. When they comeback, it’s just a matter of cementing them into place. Porcelain veneers are beautiful and very robust- they can last you for 15 years if cared for, but the manner in which they hide up all your flaws and leave your mouth looking immaculate is nothing short of remarkable.  

Clifton Dental explains why you should opt for Porcelain Veneers in Chepstow

There are some cosmetic treatments that come and go as technology changes but there are some that have been with us for decades and look to be around for a good few more yet. One such treatment is having a porcelain veneer fitted. This is onto a winner from the start because being made from porcelain; it is a stunningly beautiful material that matches the natural hue of the enamel in teeth. But the veneer is a great concept in its own right: the idea that you can take this tiny, wafer thin slither of porcelain and use it to cover up ageing in the mouth from receding gums to cracks and wear, is truly a remarkable one, but it works fabulously. They are made in a laboratory from a imprint that has been taken of your teeth by your dentist, who would have first prepared them by removing the enamel and once they are done, they are cemented into place and then cured with a lamp and suddenly, you find yourself in the possession of a beautiful new set of fresh, youthful looking teeth. If you fancy a bit of this, then you should contact Clifton Dental up in Bristol, as they serve the Chepstow area, and they can give you all the information you need about porcelain veneers.  

Weston-super-Mare gets pretty Porcelain Veneers

You can get pretty much any cosmetic dental treatments you fancy in Weston-super-Mare these days to ensure you look the best for every occasion. However, some treatments are better suited to certain conditions in the mouth than others, the perfect example of this is where a little reconstruction and covering up is required to cover up years of brutality that you have put your mouth through and that has left your gums receding and your teeth worn, cracked, discoloured and chipped. In this scenario, you will need to get some porcelain veneers fitted to hide away all of these problems in order to rekindle your youth….well, your smile anyway. Having veneers fitted is a fairly quick and painless treatment that on average, takes around two weeks to complete: it involves the teeth first being prepared by taking of the enamel off so that a mould can be taken and sent off so that the veneers can be made. In the interim, you will have ‘dummies’ fitted to protect your teeth. Then when the ‘real’ things return, they are cemented into place and then ‘set’ with a heat lamp. If you look after them, they should see you into old age, but rest assured that your teeth will look fabulous until then. For more information, you should talk to Clifton Dental of Bristol as they serve dental surgeries all over the West Country.  

Quick-fire Lumineers in Chepstow

It’s a throw away world that we live in today in Chepstow and most of us are so wrapped up in what we are doing, we have no time to wait and want things immediately and even this attitude has seeped into dentistry. Technicians that dream up all manner of new ideas for dental patients are quick to understand what people want and when they want it. They also understand that people are in a rush these days so they try to cater for this. Cosmetics are huge in dentistry right now and one product that seems to fit the bill is the Lumineer. Clifton dental has all the information that you need on this little darling and you should really check it out. Like traditional veneers, the Lumineer can cover up a multitude of sins in the mouth and it couldn’t be simpler. Once your teeth have been measured up, the fitting is simply glued onto the surface of your teeth, and with some of the cad/cam technology flying around, you can have it made in an hour! Even more remarkable the process is reversible so, let’s paint ourselves a little picture here: it is morning and you have a very important meeting to go to, but your teeth are letting you down, so, call your dentist and you can have some Lumineers fitted by 2pm- then off to the airport- you need to fly into Milan by 6pm. You do the deal and fly home again and in the morning, you can have the Lumineers taken off again. THAT friend is the future of dentistry!  

Clifton Dental's answer to perfect teeth in Bath- the Porcelain Veneer

People of Bath should be no strangers to porcelain, after all, the Romans left shed loads of the stuff lying around when they finally upped and left. But if you have ever studied it close up and touched it, you will have noticed how beautiful it is and how it gives off an amazing natural hue when light hits it. So, holding that thought in your head for a moment, is that not how your teeth should look and if not, would you like them to? There is no doubt that humans do not age as well as porcelain and that goes for our teeth as well- they can over time become very tired and make you feel the end is around the corner- like the Romans. But help is on hand because there is a gem of a fitting called the porcelain veneer which can invigorate the way you look and smile. This simple, wafer thin fitting has all the natural attributes of porcelain but if you look after it once it is fitted, it will give you great service throughout your life whilst covering up everything that is going wrong in your mouth. The procedure is simple and painless: the dentist must first shave away the enamel on your teeth and then take a mould of what’s left to make the veneers from. This is commonly done in a lab, but in some cases, can be done while you wait. Then, when the fitting is ready, it will be cemented into place on the surface of the teeth, which makes this fragile looking little thing multiply in strength and giving it the durability to confront the forces that go through the mouth on a daily basis. Any further questions you may have about the process should be directed towards Clifton dental, as they will have all the answers.  

Patients from Bath choose porcelain veneers at Clifton Dental Studio

Porcelain veneers are becoming a more common cosmetic dental procedure for patients from Bath and surrounding areas. Modern techniques and reduced prices are making this popular for many people, not just the rich and famous. At Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol we frequently use the technique to improve the smiles for people, and with it their lives. This might sound like a bold statement but a smile is very important to people. It provides our patients with increased confidence which can make them better communicators, improving their career paths and their personal interaction. Many people are ashamed of their crooked or chipped teeth and, as a result, keep their mouths closed more than they would like. A porcelain veneer can change all that. Basically, a porcelain veneer is a custom-made laminate which is attached to the front of a broken tooth to give you a more perfect smile. Porcelain is a ceramic material with similar properties to your natural teeth making it an ideal and realistic alternative. The surface is quite impervious so it is ideal for fighting off further staining and decay from sugars, wine and cigarettes. This does not mean you can stop brushing your teeth though! It is possible to choose the shade of your veneer to match the natural colour of your teeth so they won’t look out of place in your mouth. They are also more long lasting than composite veneers, which makes them a popular choice in today’s dental market place. They can last up to 15 years compared to seven years for composite versions. Before they can be added, some material is removed from the teeth so it can make your teeth more sensitive, but compared to crowns the shaping required is not so extensive. All in all, porcelain veneers are an excellent step to a perfect smile.  

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